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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW. Below are the answers to the things we get asked the most. If your question isn’t listed here then drop us a line at support@pipsta.co.uk

  • Does the Pipsta work with Pi2?

    Pipsta is compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 2 B model!

  • Where can I buy a Pipsta

    The Pipsta is exclusively available from Modmypi – click here to buy yours now.

  • How much does Pipsta cost?

    The Pipsta kit costs £69.99 plus VAT.

  • Do you sell Pipsta to schools and colleges?

    We are able to offer bespoke packages to schools, colleges and other interest groups.

    If you are interested in placing a bespoke order please contact us at sales@pipsta.co.uk and we’ll work with you to create a package that’s right for you.

  • What can I do with a thermal printer?

    Thermal printing is a digital process which produces images by heating the thermal paper as it passes over the print head. This process allows you to print quietly and quickly.

    There are many different applications for Pipsta, visit our tutorials and projects for inspiration!

  • What size paper rolls can I use?

    The printer is designed to house 36mm diameter and 57.5mm wide thermal paper rolls.

  • What is a linerless label/where can I buy them?

    Lineless labels have no backing paper or restriction on the length of the label, you can simply print, stick and go!

    The adhesive means the labels can be re-stuck hundreds of times on a variety of surfaces (provided it’s clean).

    The kit comes with a linerless label roll, if you would like replacements please contact sales@pipsta.co.uk

  • What is Raspberry Pi?

    The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer. It enables people of all ages and experience to explore computing and programming.

  • Does it work with all models including the B+?

    The Pipsta is optimised to work with Raspberry Pi B+ model. It is also compatible with the B model and the A+ model.

  • Can I print in colour?

    To keep things simple, the Pipsta is only able to print in black as it uses thermal printing technology.

  • How long does the ink last?

    The printer doesn’t use ink. The print is created as the thermal paper passes over a heated print head, so the only consumable is the paper itself!

  • What’s included in the Pipsta kit?

    The kit contains everything you need to start printing with your Raspberry Pi. Each kit contains:

    * A Pipsta printer
    * Acrylic case
    * Power supply unit
    * 1 thermal label roll
    * 1 thermal paper roll
    * Pipsta printer cables

    Please note that the kit does not include a Raspberry Pi.

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